Mothers Union: 

The Mothers Union is one of the important organs in the Episcopal Church of the Sudan. In the Diocese of Khartoum, the biggest number of the congregation is the Mothers Union.

The Mothers Union consists of President, Leader, Worker and Trainers. Mothers Union members meet every Tuesday evening, they also carry out visits to hospitals, prisons and homes where they pray and encourage one another.

Literacy Programme:

The Literacy Programme is being supported by Mary Sumner house in England. There are two Trainers who teach those mothers who had no opportuity to go schools. Centres have been opened throughout the Diocese in almost all the seven archdeaconries of the Diocese.


President is Mama Suria Elrmala who is the Bishop's wife, Leader is Mama Elizabethe Aya and the moment the post of the Worker is vacant and we hope it will be filled soon.

Trainers are Hassina Boulus Agrouf and Hewaya Abdelrman. At the moment they went for training in Juba and Ugnda before they could come to take their posistions.

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