In the name of the Holy Trinity Amen

Report of the Kadugli Trip

We started our trip of the discipleship team from All Saints’ Khartoum to Kadugli in Southern Kordofan State in western Sudan, on 29th January 2003.

It was a long trip and we reached Kadugli town on Thursday 30th January 2003.

The main purpose of the trip was creation of relationship between the All Saints’ Cathedral Khartoum and All Saints’ Cathedral Kadugli, teaching youth on discipleship, and training of leaders and women.

We in the team had a series of Bible studies from the book of Second Timothy; and another study on leadership, there was also time for fasting and prayers. The lord blessed us in our work and we learned many things through the Bible study.

The following are the programs done in and outside Kadugli:-

  1. On the 1st February 2003, we visited El Boram, south east of Kadugli Town; it is five hours drive from the town, where we arrived at seven in the evening, and meet the pastor in charge Rev. Yasir. There was no any welcoming from the church, we are not allowed to make any activity because, they claimed that area belong to the former Bishop. We decided to go back to Kadugli.
    Photos and a report of this visit can be seen here
  2. On the 3rd February 2003 we went to Al Shair where cloth distribution to the needy and visitation to different houses where prayers were contacted with families members, as a result one of the children got healed. The following day the 4th February 2003 a program was organize in the church and the topics shared were: (i) Salvation by Rev. Elia Komondan (ii) Stewardship by Rev. Hassen El Fil.
  3. In Kadugli leadership training was contacted to the pastors, Evangelists, church leaders and the women.This training was of great benefit for the church, the women were trained in knitting and somespiritual topics, and the Lord worked through these things and they requested that this program is to
    continue. Sunday school program was from the most successful programs, the kids were very happy, only that the period was very short, but they learned a lot of things which will help them in their spirituallives. Regarding the
    discipleship training for the youth, it was not successful because, most of the youthby then were not available.
  4. On the 8th February, Rev. Hassen El Fil and Jammal Wilson visited El Atmour where Rev. Hassen preached on Sunday.
  5. On the 8th February, Rev. Elia Komondan, Mama Liza, Mrs. Marriam Bulus, Miss Sarah Martin and Mr. Johnson Dictor went to Katcha to see the condition of the believers there, on Sunday Rev. Elia Preached and Miss Sarah was the program leader. The women met with Marriam and Liza, the youth with Rev. Elia and Sarah. Recorded interviews were contacted for church leader.

In the area of Tuna a place was allotted for establishing a new centre for Katchs church. They only visited two houses.

The rest of the team members had their Sunday prayers at All Saints’ Kadugli, where Mr. Iskander preached, and after the service we went for visitation to a near by area called Tello where many houses of both Christian and Muslims were visited. The visitation took two days, Sunday and Monday. 
We visited 20 families.

Cloth Distribution: -

We met the administration of the Church, they said let the distribution be under them, because they had experience in this area, so we gave them all the contributions and took some photos. The distribution took place in the following areas: -

  1. El Daling.
  2. El Shair.
  3. Eari 
  4. All Saints’ Cathedral Kadugli.

And books were also distributed in the above areas.

  • A box of juice to the Church.
  • A box of juice to the team.
  • A box of biscuit to the Church.

May God bless you all